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Book Launch Realizing the Right to Development

Last time I wrote about my publication on poverty which was published by the UN as part of an edited volume commemorating the 25th anniversary of Declaration on the Right to Development. Last week, the book was launched at the UN Offices in both Geneva and New York.  The content of the book is described on the website as follow.

Built around the themes of Situating – , Understanding – , Cooperating for – and Implementing – the Right to Development, the contributions to this volume not only clarify the meaning and status of this right but survey the most salient challenges—based on actual development practice—to its transformative potential. These studies give specific attention to the principles underlying this right, namely, active, free and meaningful participation in development; equality, non-discrimination and fair distribution of its benefits; self-determination and full sovereignty over natural wealth and resources; the rule of law and good governance; human rights-based approaches to development; global governance and reform; and social justice and equity, especially with regard to poverty, women and indigenous peoples. Further, these principles are applied to the issues of aid, debt, trade, technology transfer, intellectual property, access to medicines and climate change in the context of international cooperation, solidarity and the global partnership for development. Finally, several chapters review the proposals to monitor progress and enhance institutional support for implementing the Right to Development.

Unfortunately, I had to miss the roundtable discussion due to my teaching. But I am happy to found that they have a web live available to access online. Here is the link, if you are interested.


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