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Justice Research Explored

How to do research on justice? Can we establish a specific methodology for it? Or do we need to study justice from different discipline? The editors of the Handbook of Social Justice Theory and Research attempt to substantiate the academic legacy and the research prospects of studying justice. The volume includes a wide range of topics, such as disciplinary approaches to justice research (e.g., sociology, philosophy), the theory of the justice motive, mapping of the multifaceted forms of justice (e.g., distributive justice), and justice in context-bound spheres (e.g., politics and work) and related domains (e.g., morality). In doing so, the handbook is meant both to present a comprehensive “state of the art” in the field of justice research theory and to put forward an agenda for future interdisciplinary and international justice research. The compilation of their research within a single framework exposes readers to high quality academic work that embodies past, current, and future trends of justice research.

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