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Transnational Legal Processes and Human Rights

My review on the book Transnational Legal Processes and Human Rights has just been published online by the Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law. Some excerpts from the review:

The volume deals with a wide range of problematics, not only legal and political but also economic and cultural, that occur and emerge at multiple levels. Analysis pertaining to various transnational legal processes provides insights that extend beyond the common caveats of what presumably constitute as differences with regard to human rights implementation and enforcement in developed and developing countries. Such a distinction might be implicitly suggested, as several chapters that deal with the judicial aspect and process of internalization of foreign law use cases from the United States and European countries. Networks and real-life realities, on the other hand, serve more as the common denominator for transnational legal processes of human rights as reflected in the cases on Angola and Pakistan. It should be noted, however, that insights on social and political processes that shape the challenge for judicial enforcement in those areas support the comparative style taken in this volume. Moreover, chapters are structured to reflect on contemporary challenges for and resulting from practicing human rights.

My guess is that it will appear in the first issue of next year.

Anyway, I wish everyone a good end of year celebration and a happy, healthy and prosperous year of 2016.

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